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    Livery guidelines 2022/23:

    Hey Guys,

    We've changed our livery guidelines for 2022 and made some small changes to lower the workload on our and your side.

    Here are the key points:

    We made completely new templates with placeholders for ads and numberplates. A red marked folder ("TURN OFF BEFORE SAVING") includes the wireframe, albedo and placeholders. Make sure you turn the folder off before saving. You do not have to put any numbers/numberplates on the livery. Make sure your livery does not interfere with any of the placeholders!

    We also now demand that the GREEN region layer has the "MattePaint" material selected Within the template in the Region folder you find the locked top-layer "MANDATORY DO NOT REMOVE!!!", leave it on top as it is and DO NOT TURN IT OFF.

    The GREEN region is now used for illuminated paint (means numberplates and our 2 sets of advertisements are illuminated in the night). You can use the green region, but make sure to only use it in small amounts, only on the sides of the car and on top of the rearwing. Use it only for small sponsor logos or team names (if they are bigger, only use the contour of the logo). Excessive use, use in the front, the roof, rear, under the wing will result in a rejection of your livery! We do NOT want carnival rides on our live-stream!

    The albedo-layer is included for previewing your paint in the "TURN OFF BEFORE SAVING" folder. It will be added by us with the numberplates etc., so don't use it for saving when you send in your paint.

    If you encounter any problems with the templates, please contact one of our staff members in advance to the skin submission deadline.

    GIMP users, please send in your psd files along with the dds and json files, as there are more often than not broken dds files.

    Before submitting a livery for one of our series please make sure your livery does comply with the following points.

    - Your files are named CORRECTLY (naming convention on the bottom of this post)
    - Numberplate area is in the GREEN region-layer in your
    - Green region-layer is "MattePaint" in your skin.json
    - You are not using any logos of companies you do not have any rights for
    - You are not using an extensive amount of chrome material on your livery
    - Chrome material is not on the front or the back of the car
    - Green regions are only on the sides and top of the wing and in small amounts


    GT3 Download
    Porsche Cup Download
    TRG Download

    Here are two tutorials about the material system in rFactor 2:
    Open external homepage

    Here is our video tutorial on the material system:

    The naming convention to upload the skins:


    Car classes:

    GT3 = GT3 Class
    Cup = Porsche Cup Class
    TRG = BTCC Class


    AMR = Aston Martin AMR GT3
    R8 = Audi R8 LMS
    M6 = BMW M6 GT3
    BenGT3 = Bentley Continental GT3
    C7GT3 = Callaway Corvette GT3-R
    720S = McLaren 720S GT3
    AMG = Mercedes AMG GT3
    991 = Porsche 911 GT3-R
    RXC = Radical RXC Turbo GT3
    4883 = Ferrari GT3

    Porsche Cup
    911C = Porsche 911 Cup

    Q50 = Infiniti Q50
    TC = Toyota Corolla
    I30 = Hyundai i30
    FST = Ford Focus


    Please check that your files are named correctly to avoid extra work for us and you.

    Go to Special Events INFO in the top navigation bar and click on "Skin submission". You have to put all skin files into one archive e.g. zip or rar.

    Deadline for Skin submission and Car Change:
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