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    Livery guidelines 2022:

    Hey Guys,

    We've changed our livery guidelines for 2022 and made some small changes to lower the workload on our and your side.

    Here are the key points:

    You do not have to put any numbers/numberplates on the livery.
    Included in the templates is an area, where the numberplates will be located. Please make sure not to move these areas and check that your livery does not interfere with this area.

    We also now demand that the white region layer includes the numberplate area, has the "MattePaint" material selected and is the top layer in your

    The albedo-layer is included and is still mandatory for all liveries. Please make sure to have it enabled when you save your

    If you encounter any problems with the templates, for example, you don't see a albedolayer (happens sometimes on GIMP) please contact one of our staff members in advance to the skin submission deadline.

    Before submitting a livery for one of our series please make sure your livery does comply with the following points.

    - Your files are named correctly (naming convention on the bottom of this post)
    - Your livery has the albedo layer enabled
    - Numberplate areas are not moved from their original position
    - Numberplate area is in the white region-layer in your
    - white region-layer is "MattePaint" in your skin.json
    - You are not using any logos of companies you do not have any rights for
    - You are not using an extensive amount of chrome material on your livery
    - Chrome material is not on the front or the back of the car


    Download here

    Here are two tutorials about the material system in rFactor 2:

    Open external homepage

    Here is our video tutorial on the material system:

    The naming convention to upload the skins:


    Car classes:

    P2 = LMP2 Class
    GTE = GTE Class


    OR7 = Oreca 07
    P217 = Ligier JS P217

    C8 = Corvette C8R GTE
    M8 = BMW M8 GTE
    RSR = Porsche 911 RSR
    AMV = Aston Martin Vantage
    488GTE = Ferrari GTE


    Please check that your files are named correctly to avoid extra work for us and you.

    Go to Special Events INFO in the top navigation bar and click on "Skin submission". You have to put all skin files into one archive e.g. zip or rar.

    Deadline for Skin submission and Car Change:
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