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Discussion in 'General Information' started by Simon Christmann, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. David OReilly

    David OReilly Active Member

    I am looking for a drive in this series.
    I can't race in Estoril due to real life racing commitments but can do the 3 events after that.
    I have driven with P1 gaming since it began in the 24 hours of the Nordschleife and others, winning it in 2017 with Hagemann Racing.
    I have solid pace and tend to keep the car safe. I do some work with setup too.
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  2. David Tepper

    David Tepper Active Member

    Hey David, we can have a look at this.

    Greats David
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  3. Greg Daniels

    Greg Daniels New Member

    Hello everybody,

    Unfortunately, Tim and I were unable to attend the last few races in the LMS series due to health issues.
    What has never happened to us in almost 10 years of simracing.
    We have not commented on that since we were hoping from week to week for an improvement to get back into the game. But meanwhile you can hardly deny our absence;)

    Tim's been doing better since last week so he started training again.
    At the weekend, the 8h Multi Class Event @ Spa will be on the schedule, where Tim will compete in the LMP-1 with Michael.
    It looks a little worse for me. Unfortunately, I can not say when it will be back on track for me. But I hope this summer :) Stay positive :)
    In the LMS series, it is still to be seen whether Tim will perhaps finish the series with another SRM driver. With the SRM team still taking part in other racing events such as WEM Series @ RSRC, LSM Series @ VR and CFEG series, finding a driver will not be easy.
    It's not my / our way to stop in the middle of a series, but under these circumstances, for the first time, nothing will change.

    Have a nice day
  4. Helge Foerstner

    Helge Foerstner New Member

    Get well soon guys !
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  5. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    Thank you for the information and get well soon all.

    We keep your car in the mod just in case you find a line up ;)
  6. Joern Dette

    Joern Dette Active Member P1 gaming e.V.

    I hereby draw the Drace LMP Motorsport Team for the rest of the season back
  7. Henning Wollert

    Henning Wollert New Member

    after yesterdays bop-update to the endurance pack i wonder, if there's a reason changing the track from its 2013version after 6 weeks to the 2007version 4 weeks in front of the race? i guess, it must have happened by accident?!!
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  8. Kevin Jaeger

    Kevin Jaeger New Member

    The funny thing is. In the racing calendar it is actually the 2007 layout for the next round. Not the 2013 track version
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  9. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    It was just wrong for 6 weeks and no one noticed.
    Also, there was a cut track bug reported in the 2013 layout which needed to be fixed and I don't know how.
  10. Henning Wollert

    Henning Wollert New Member

    That's a really sad joke, a rather annoying one, despite anything being written anywhere or whatsoever. It's foremost for people, who have plenty of time on their hands, but should start getting a life instead. I don't get it, really.

    The wrong track. What's the use of trying to fix a wrong track at all?
    It's either the wrong track, then there's no need to fix it, or it's the right one, but you can't fix it. Anything else is nonsense. Sorry, but don't be silly.
  11. David OReilly

    David OReilly Active Member

    Can someone point me to where I can see the server password for the Indianapolis round.
  12. Markus Broch

    Markus Broch Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

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  13. Brian Smeets

    Brian Smeets New Member

    In the 2007 version is also a bug!! you can cut the 1e corner
  14. Juan Puyo

    Juan Puyo New Member

    Hi! Ich habe einen Partner, mit dem Sie gerne an den 12 Stunden von sebring teilnehmen würden, aber das wird getan, um im Rennen anwesend zu sein, ich habe nur das Ausdauerpaket, ich hoffe es ist genug
  15. Jannik Funke

    Jannik Funke New Member

    Hey Guys,

    I want to know if the Grip Level on the Pratice Server Sebring is always the same.

    Or is the Griplevel improving from time to time until a new session starts?


  16. David OReilly

    David OReilly Active Member

    Fantastic promotional video on YT for the 24 hours gents. Well done.
  17. Rene von Dobschuetz

    Rene von Dobschuetz Well-Known Member

    The standings have yet to be updated!
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  18. Adam Helyes

    Adam Helyes Member

    Thanks for the whole season!
    Best regards, Racing Spirit #4 and West Endurance Masters #223
    See you at Nordschleife! :p

  19. Michael Roellin

    Michael Roellin Active Member P1 gaming e.V.

    When we started this season I never imagined that we'd be fighting for the title in the last race. We had a very up and down race, but after all we were able to secure P3 which won us the championship. Huge thanks go out to @Jan Studenski and @Alex Salmon . They were awesome teammates all season long and even when it looked dire they didn't give up. Also a huge thanks to all the people and drivers from Revolution Simracing. Even though we ran under different banners we always helped each other and tried to further push the other side.

    To everyone driving for the BHR LMP2. I'm really sorry about what happened to you in the last race. I would've wished to fight it out on track, but luck sadly was not on your side. You would've deserved the championship just as much with strong performances throughout the season and I hope to battle with you another time again :)
  20. David OReilly

    David OReilly Active Member

    Thanks to the organisers for running a great race. Thanks to my team mates at V-Mads for letting me join you. Thanks too for all the other drivers who made the race great. Except for one silly contact with an LMP2 (penalty issued) the rest of my stints enjoyed respectful passing by everyone. See you soon.
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