P1 24h of Nordschleife 2023 General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Information' started by Markus Broch, Oct 7, 2023.

  1. Nelson Lira

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    In the name of Playteam, thank you for this event. We were trying to participate since 2017, but only this year we were able to get together a group of drivers with availability to participate.
    I hope we can return next year.
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  2. First of all, thanks to the organizers and most of the teams for this great 24-hour race, the organization, and preparation of every one of you. It was a very nice race to drive, and I had a lot of fun and enjoyed it a lot most of the time.

    However, I have some things I would like to share with you:

    1. Some teams should think about not participating in the 24-hour event next year if they are not practicing enough or do not have any experience driving an endurance event. The 24h of Nordschleife is definitely the wrong event for their first endurance race. Crashing the car every second corner and being a high risk for everyone on the track is not ideal. It would be better to gain experience in other endurance races, like in the P1LMS, before considering a 24-hour race at the Nordschleife.

    2. Regarding the stream: Please refrain from discussing political matters during an endurance race. Providing false information and engaging in a "shitstorm" about political decisions has no place in an official SimRacing stream. This type of content damages the good reputation of P1-Gaming, especially in German-speaking regions.

    3. Stewards: You did a really good job throughout the entire race. However, please ensure that there is always a server admin online and available to handle technical issues. We had a car on the server with a very bad connection for nearly 5 minutes during a fight between two Porsche Cups, and no one was there to address the situation. For future events, consider creating a stint plan for the stewards if possible.
    Now, a few words about our race (SimFreem #121): In general, the race was clean, and it was, as I already mentioned, quite enjoyable and fair. First of all, a big apology to Eximize Racing M2 car for touching their rear after my huge crash at Aremberg --> Fuchsröhre in the morning. This crash was caused by the same car that already ended my race at the 24h of Le Mans. Perhaps these guys should reconsider participating in any more 24-hour events to avoid ruining the results of other teams with dangerous rejoins or unnecessary actions. I would have expected at least a message from you to apologize for these incidents, but in Le Mans and now at this event, nothing. Thanks a lot to this team btw.

    In conclusion, as I mentioned before, big thanks to the organization and thanks to all the people who took their time to make this event possible. Thanks to everyone who put in time to practice and handle their cars well, making this race enjoyable. I hope we can have some more nice 24-hour events in the next years, and we will hear from each other in the next year.

    Until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  3. Bence Szabo

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    Congrats to everyone and thanks to the organizers for this event and the whole season!

    We entered with two cars this year, one GT3 and one M2C.

    We were a little bit afraid about the small M2C category, but it was hell of a race, haha! Only 9 cars in our category, altough I have to say it was a very exciting race. Our goal was to avoid any contact with other cars, especially with the faster categories. Everything was fine until our sixth stint... and then one of my teammates crashed the car and we lost a lot of time. Yeah, shit happens. After that we tried to push as hard as its possible, but save fuel and take car of tyres as well. At the end somehow (problably we had some luck as well) we could recover and 5-6 hours to go we found ourselves on the 3rd place. It was a very interesting "sprint" with the #777 for the last podium place. We tried to maintain our 2 minutes lead to them, because we knew that possibly we have to pit once more on the last lap to refuel 10-11 liters. Everything went fine from our point view and we brought home the car in 3rd place and got our first endurance race podium!:cool: Btw. it was nice to see that almost everyone from the GT3 and Porsche Cup cars took care and paid attention. Sometimes the speed difference was more than crazy!

    About our GT3 car... immediately crashed at lap 1, they had several accidents and one computer crash. A lot and lot of bad luck... could have been much better, but yeah, that simracing, I guess. At least there was some good (and unfortunately some bad) moments, P14 at the end. Its still the hardest 24h race, so finishing is a small win already.

    See you around next year!
  4. David Zirwes

    David Zirwes New Member

    Hi, good evening.

    Is there a possibility to upload the replay of the race?

    We deactivated it, to get the best performance.

    Would be very nice to be able to rewatch some fights. :)
  5. Markus Broch

    Markus Broch Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

  6. David Zirwes

    David Zirwes New Member

  7. very nice video, we also did one for the WAT teams
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