P1 24h Du Mans 2023 General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Information' started by Markus Broch, May 9, 2023.

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  1. Gerhard Lindauer

    Gerhard Lindauer Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    He is whispering to EVERY client on Teamspeak. Must be your settings.
  2. Remco Majoor

    Remco Majoor New Member

    Easy to say, but all my settings allow for whispers
  3. Gerhard Lindauer

    Gerhard Lindauer Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    Seriously, everybody else can hear RC and his whispersettings are "all channels" "all clients"
  4. Matias Gonzalez

    Matias Gonzalez New Member

    Guys, wanna thanks all of you for the race. Was a amazing event to take part.. the drivers, the organizers.. we really proud to could participate with the team. Really thanks for all the effort invested in this race.
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  5. Mickaël Folcher

    Mickaël Folcher New Member

    Great event, once again, thanks.
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  6. Clement Gergaud

    Clement Gergaud New Member

    Congratulations to all the participants
    Thank you P1 Gaming for the 24h of Le Mans
    In a hurry to participate in the 24h of the Nürburgring
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  7. Bert Knops

    Bert Knops Member

    Once again big thanks to the P1 orga and congrats to the class winners :cool:

    Very happy with P2 at the end, after being in a fight with the Schubert Hypercar pretty much all race long. Our preparation was really mediocre, with a lot of uncertainty around our driver line-up. Because we didn't even know if we would be able to start the race until 2 days before, we didn't do a whole lot of training or development on the setup and it showed, as we were nowhere near the podium on merit. Our car wasn't fast, but it was easy to handle and it allowed us to get through the race almost without flaw.
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  8. juan Roguez

    juan Roguez Member

    I want to especially thank the team Vanwall Vandervell LMH: Arnage Competition #18
    Due to his magnificent performance not only at the individual level of the race, but also due to his spectacular traffic management with a lower category vehicle, in the vast majority of other fast vehicles they should have them look at how a GT3 is treated before entering the race. curve, they should penalize the bad incorporations and the throws in the middle of the same curve, because for some drivers they arrived and threw the car from wherever it was, it does not matter if a GT3 makes a different trajectory, than if it was in the curve and they saw holes there they were thrown even if they did not fit, unfortunate some fast vehicles, quite a few I would say, a bit sad, certainly,... other vehicles also did well, especially the one that I value above...
    With the server and the commissioners in my opinion they have not been up to the event ...
    It's a shame because we came to P1GAMING for its seriousness, so in Daytona it went very, very well, but it's clear that not all events turn out the same, even so I want to thank the organization and we will try to be in the next ones if the weather and the conditions are optimal for us, thank you very much
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  9. juan Roguez

    juan Roguez Member

    if the time and the conditions are optimal for us
    sorry for the translator and that it is not my natural language
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  10. juan Roguez

    juan Roguez Member

    very good team congratulations for the traffic management and for the final result
  11. Bert Knops

    Bert Knops Member

    Thank you for the compliments :) I told the guys we need to be more aggressive next time if we get singled out for good behaviour by the other class, as hate and contempt is the standard :p

    That said, I do owe @Tonnie Jansen an apology for that move into T1 a few hours into the race. That one was too ambitious from my side but luckily you left us room to survive, I fully deserved the flashing of your headlights.
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  12. Tonnie Jansen

    Tonnie Jansen Member

    Thank you Bert, luckely i stayed alive.
    Our race was good and after a repair of 170 seconds we were driving back into the top five and then it happens:

    it was the 500 or 501 car, excuses for the one it wasn't.

    After weeks preperation, it is not done, to drive like a idiot on the track.
    It doesn't fit to P1 to have such a drivers in the special events.

    I hope someone from that team reads this and explains why he was driving this race.
  13. Matias Gonzalez

    Matias Gonzalez New Member

    Tonnie, the car hit you was a Mercedes..
    The #500 was a Porsche and #501 a Bmw.. so wasnt any of our drivers
  14. Gerhard Lindauer

    Gerhard Lindauer Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    From the paint-scheme and being a Merc I'd think it was either the 172 or 272, you should have reported the incident to be honest.
  15. Matias Gonzalez

    Matias Gonzalez New Member

    Its true the #500 have connection issues in the first hours of the race (apologies for that)... Simon notified us and solved it, but after that we dont have major incidents with both cars..
    Also was our first 24hs event, so probably some rookie mistakes, but we try to do not bother any traffic..

    We really have fun, and enjoy a great experience
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  16. Tonnie Jansen

    Tonnie Jansen Member

    excuses then, for mention you
  17. Tonnie Jansen

    Tonnie Jansen Member

    yes, and then they got penalized. But our race was still over. They shouldn't drive here, if you make those stupid misstakes.
    i realy don't understand what they were doing to drive into us like this
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  18. Gerhard Lindauer

    Gerhard Lindauer Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    Well, my team was leading LMH until they got killed by an unsafe rejoin. We certainly weren't happy about that. Mistakes happen, we've all made some in our careers.
    I just hope people learn from their mistakes, so it wasn't completely pointless.

    I still understand your grief though...
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  19. Florian Cisse

    Florian Cisse New Member

    Hello everyone,
    RKT Competition would like to thank P1 Gaming for allowing us to run our 3 teams of 4 drivers on a single simulator.
    It was a great experience and we'd like to thank you warmly.

    As for the 272, it's true that the drivers weren't up to the level of the race, but that's part of the charm of endurance racing.
    I can understand why you're upset about the collision and the damage we caused you, Tonnie Jansen.
    I'm really sorry, he had damage and lost control at Mulsanne after driving through the grass to try not to disturb anyone... Unfortunately he crashed into you, very sorry ...
  20. Rafael Stadelmann

    Rafael Stadelmann New Member

    Ist es möglich das Replay aufzuteilen. die Replaydatei ist zu gross und rf2 möchte es nicht laden.
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