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  1. Daniel Thoeni

    Daniel Thoeni New Member

    Good day is it still possible to update the driver list? We have a driver who has canceled at short notice.
  2. David Tepper

    David Tepper Active Member

    Yes, in general it's possible till raceday.
  3. Daniel Thoeni

    Daniel Thoeni New Member

    Ok thank you
  4. Thomas Grube

    Thomas Grube New Member

    How can i change my name on Hp ??
    i need a last name
  5. David Beranek

    David Beranek New Member

    If any LMP team is searching for additional driver, I'm available
  6. Cedric Niehues

    Cedric Niehues New Member

    Hallo mein Name Cedric Niehues vom Rotary Racing Simracing wir fahren beim 24h von Le Mans in der GTE Startnummer #787 auf dem Ferrari.
    Aufgrund von technischen Problemen sind uns zwei Fahrer abgesprungen. Es kommt vielleicht sehr kurzfristig aber wir suchen aufgrund der Probleme zwei weitere Fahrer die bei uns fahren möchten, Setup haben wir das heißt es müsste sich nur eingefahren werden. Wir würden uns über jede Unterstützung Freuen, da wir uns mega auf dieses Event gefreut haben aber dieser Traum leider beginnt zu platzen.
    Bei fragen einfach melden.

    Hello, my name is Cedric Niehues from Rotary Racing Simracing. At the 24h of Le Mans we are driving in the GTE starting number #787 on the Ferrari.
    Due to technical problems, two drivers dropped out. It may come at very short notice, but due to the problems we are looking for two more drivers who would like to drive with us, we have a setup, which means it just needs to be run in. We would be happy about any support because we were really looking forward to this event but unfortunately this dream is beginning to burst.
    For questions, just let me know.
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  7. Nico Maimo

    Nico Maimo Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Hi there,
    here is a short summary of the race.

    We experienced difficulties from the start, for LMP2 #14 a connection problem at Théo Coppé forced him to go and do his relays with Nicolas Perret on a simulator he did not know, fortunately they live a few minutes from each other.

    In the Aston GTE it was another problem, A few hours before the race Jérôme Paganelli and Patrice Pacheco will learn that the third teammate could not take part in the race because his pc was HS, so it is two that they will decide to do these 24 hours.

    Otherwise it's difficult to summarize 24H in detail because it's very long :), however despite our respective lackluster results we had a lot of fun participating and it was a privilege to share the track with such good drivers.
    We hope not to have bothered some guys too much when maneuvering to let the blue flag pass, in fact some of us were beginners in a race of such a level and lacked experience at this level.

    We thank the organizers for their work, it is a pleasure to participate in your events, thank you also to the other crews without whom the show would not have been possible.

    see you soon on other circuits, bye bye
  8. Markus Broch

    Markus Broch Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    Starting fee:

    Absolutely free for everybody. If you like to support us anyway, the best thing is to become a P1-gaming e.V. member, which grants you rights of planning the schedules and leagues to your likes and access to very nice club of community members with special events only for members.

    Download the application form to become a member: Application Form


    Markus Broch
    Alex Woitala
    Simon Christmann
    Ricardo Edelmann
    Gerhard Lindauer

    Used Mods:

    Studio 397 GT3s / Porsche Cup Endurance / BTCC


    Max 50 Teams
    Min 2 Drivers
    Max 5 Drivers


    Formation lap
    Flying start
    Live weather plugin

    Deadlines for skin submission will be updated in the skin threads.

    rFactor 2 Build information will be provided in the race threads.

    Important Links:
    Skin information
    Workshop Item
    Driver / Team Profil
    Fahrer / Team Steckbrief

    Server Settings:
    • Damage multiplication (100%)
    • Automatic clutch (if needed)
    • Technical defects enabled (time-scaled)
    • Driving View: Cockpit only

    If there is anything missing or if something will be changed, you will get updates on this topic.

    P1-Gaming eV. Members can register 24.10 - 29.10.2022
    P1-Gaming eV. Members can register max one car

    P1LMS qualified teams Sign Up 26.10. - 29.10.2022

    From P1LMS qualified teams will be contacted by the P1 staff regarding the registration

    Public Sign Up 30.10.2022

    Each signup will open at 11:00 UTC

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  9. Markus Broch

    Markus Broch Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    The first team in the waiting list with correctly submitted skin will be preferred
    Team Manager:
    Driver #1:
    Driver #2:
    Driver #3:
    Driver #4:
  10. Markus Broch

    Markus Broch Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    Discuss any event-specific topics here (or open your own thread). For race, specific topics will be one thread for each race created.
  11. Johannes Michl

    Johannes Michl Active Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Will the M6 still be available for this event? In the Info post you mentioned the M4 which will only be used with a suitable bop. But it would be nice to have a the info better sooner than later.

    If it depends on whether the M4 will be used or not, when will there be the deadline for the decision?
  12. David Zirwes

    David Zirwes New Member

    Hi. Nice idea to use the BTCC cars. Will the tire wear be reduced? At the moment, the tires are gone after 20 minutes. 30 minutes for the hard ones

    I think it should be reduced for the event.
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  13. Mario Tump

    Mario Tump Member

    Pesonally i didn't drove any laps so far with the BTCC cars on the nordschleife, but some Youtube videos shows, that they'll use approximately 10% tire wear at the front for one lap (with soft tires). One stint will be 9 laps i think. So the tires will definetly last one stint with mediums or hard tires.
    Don't drive like a madman and get use to the new tire model is my only advice i can give you.
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  14. Gerhard Lindauer

    Gerhard Lindauer Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    I test-drove al of them on standard setup, so that's certainly not ideal for tire-wear, but managed ~10% per lap, sometimes even less. Most important: don't turn the wheel more than necessary, feather your throttle input when accelerating out of slow corners and don't lock up when braking.
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  15. Gerhard Lindauer

    Gerhard Lindauer Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    As only the M4 is marked with (Only when we have a suitable bop) I'm sure you can pick the M6. The template is included in the GT3 downloads too.
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  16. David Zirwes

    David Zirwes New Member

    I really don't drive like a madman. We raced in a series and we all had to be careful about having 20 percent on the tires - in 20-minute races. But the track temperature was hot - I have to admit that.

    But one question: have you ever seen a btcc driver driving these cars with absolute caution? They fight all the time. Some of us have lost the joy of these beautiful cars because we can't drive the cars without checking the tire temperatures at every turn. - and we are not absolute beginners. But some of us also see the appeal of not completely ruining the tires.

    In general: I don't think it's realistic because in the BTCC sometimes the drivers only have 12 tires for the whole weekend.

    But still: I will test the cars on the Nordschleife. I am excited. Because the cars are still fun. :) Thanks for your answers. :)
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  17. Juergen Bechtel

    Juergen Bechtel New Member

    Hallo zusammen,
    eine Frage. Gibt es einen Workshop dazu? Nur mit den gekauften Autos kommt man nicht auf den Server
    Vielen Dank
    Jürgen Bechtel
  18. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

  19. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    Habe den Link in den General Information hinzugefügt.
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  20. Juergen Bechtel

    Juergen Bechtel New Member

    Vielen Dank
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