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  1. Kevin Karas

    Kevin Karas New Member

    Just because you have alot of viewers doesnt make it valid to break the rules. If you allow it to one, you need to allow to all. And there are ALOT of drivers that would continue to stream. I heard from S397 that there are 100 driver and 100 specator slots available for a server. But thats another discussion why its not allowed. The thing is its forbidden and people still do it. IMO those should be penalized with grid penalties after the race or with S&G in the race.

    I think I reported 5 teams at once at a point and I didnt get a response from RC wether it got acknoledged. Its not about reporting teams, its about me shutting down my stream because there nothing to show (endurance races are not worth streaming anyway due to that rule) and others just do it. Everyone acknowledged the rules by participating
  2. Kevin Karas

    Kevin Karas New Member

    And the "Loosing publicity" discussion is a whole another topic. That specator rule indeed makes those races absolutely not fun to watch with your favourite streamer. And not even that, its even more frustrating as a team, because you cant even follow your OWN car. You are pretty much stuck to live timing. Im pretty sure it would technically be possible to allow one streamer per team, or one spectator per team (if the streamer leaves the server for the new driver to join), as I said above, S397 once said its 100 drivers/100 spectators depending on servers
  3. Adrian Blasco

    Adrian Blasco Member P1 gaming e.V.

    That is what it would be about, that 1 team can transmit 1, that is, there would be the driver and the one who broadcasts, it helps a lot to be able to see your car and not be seeing a point on a map 24 hours a day. I repeat, I would like some solution or option to be sought and whoever wants to can transmit limiting to 1 per team for example. When the driver change is made, the one who transmits only has to leave to make way for the driver change and once the driver who was on the track leaves the car, he leaves the server and the one who was transmitting re-enters as a spectator. Nothing more, and I repeat I don't think the 50 cars will do their races live and I'll repeat it as before, in the VEC this year 1 per team has been allowed, I don't run it, but I do know. Thanks again.
  4. Markus Broch

    Markus Broch Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Admin Post
    So I am back from the expo. The studio once made the statement with 100 riders and 100 spectators. But that is not true. We have one of the most stable rf2 servers there is. We made a test at the Nos, from about 65 cars the first with bad PC or bad Internet line have problems, from 97 clints it is difficult for almost all. That times in addition.

    We have not yet allowed spectators because rf2 spins and counts the spectators and at some point the drivers no longer come on it to change drivers. We must ensure that the race runs perfectly and all teams can drive through. I know it's frustrating but it affects me too. I can't stream my team all the time either. rfactor is not iracing. When i come to the server with the stream pc there is a small lag. when more than one come there are problems. But we are always looking for solutions and so you have to find solutions too. We do this so that the driver when he goes down shows the main stream.
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  5. Kevin Karas

    Kevin Karas New Member

    Thanks for clarification. But still: Will there be penalties?

    Not mentioning the huge information advantage you get, when having a team member actually on the server and spectating. Just with live timing, information is VERY limited out there and its hard to be a good support for your current driver.
  6. Adrian Blasco

    Adrian Blasco Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Okay, we'll look for another alternative, and hopefully we find some option to transmit, thanks!
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