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Posted By Markus Broch

Saturday, January 23, 2021 - 05:30 PM
(ends Saturday, January 23, 2021 - 07:15 PM)
Timezone: Europe/London

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  1. Georgi Nedev

    Georgi Nedev Member

    Hello, I can't enter server, says it has a different (older) build than the latest (1125).
  2. Adam Helyes

    Adam Helyes Active Member

    The release candidate beta is a different build (1125).
    The main build is 1124.
    Go back the main.
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  3. Ales Pleva

    Ales Pleva New Member

    Hi guys, sorry but in sebring i will not race, not be at home .... but thanks for great races a great fun all season .... Good luck all
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  4. Roman Okon

    Roman Okon Member

    hi guys, I am not able to race today :( I wish you all a grand finale and fun. May the best win and become champion :)
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  5. Bence Szabo

    Bence Szabo Member P1 gaming e.V.

    I just want to say a big thanks for the organizers and huge congrats for everyone who competed in the championship! Really enjoyed my first season at P1-Gaming, finished P5 overall, very satisfied with that. The second race yesterday was insane, tried to do my best to defense against the bests. Unfortunately missed again on the podium, but one day it will come. See you guys at the starting grid of the Porsche Cup! :)
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  6. Rene von Dobschuetz

    Rene von Dobschuetz Well-Known Member P1 gaming e.V.

    Also grats to the Winners from my side!

    I´m not happy with my yesterday races. Didn´t have much time to train last weeks and so i didn´t find an matching setup my own in maybe 30 laps of train; normally i need 150+ laps for feeling me confident. I didn´t have any trust in my car :(. Today i recognized, that my acclerator pedal only gives 87%, but i didn´t know if it was yesterday the same, i think it wasn´t, because i did not lost that much time as today in Sepang.

    Over all thanks to P1 for organizing this series!!! And additional to all drivers who ends it! Unfortunately there were soooo much drivers who escaped this after some races because they could not longer became world champion :(. I know, that´s the same in most leagues, but it´s disappointing! I´m P11 overall, maybe it´s not that bad for my skill in an grid of 31 drivers, but not in that way, where most of them behind me didn´t compete anymore!

    So for me i must admit, that my skill in total wasn´t good enough to compete in this good grid P1 has found. So for me there is no incentive to compete in sprint series again. It const´s me too much time to train for GTS and LMS one week after, and because i´m alone from Rennsimulanten, there is no one who supports me to getting better. I´m at the end with my procesing of getting better and compete with the good guys in this series :confused:.

    See you next in Sepang ;)

    Best regards from Dobbie
  7. Georgi Nedev

    Georgi Nedev Member

    Thanks to all drivers! This season was shorter and also the new bop made it extremelly challenging to fight for the title.
    In the end bad luck striked Jannick and the title was decided.
    Short report from me:
    I got a very messy start of 2nd race, messing with pit limiters, shifting to 3rd instead of 2nd and was 3-4 secs behind the pack. Which it turned out was good as I could avoid the cars and was p8 in T2. I asked my spotter if Jannick survived and got an answer he was involved. So I now thought, OK, I have 2-3 positions on him which is what I needed. Later I saw the DNF and from there it was another race.
    @Bence Szabo good defence in a car that is known not to be good in longer races. I had ofc a lot to lose in case of an incident so was very cautious. At one point I felt squeezed to the outside at last corner so had to brake to avoid the barriers. But all ended well.

    Shame so many dropped, I guess people prioritize more longer endurance leagues.
    For next season, I will how it syncs with real life things.

    Also, if you are interested in joining a team like ours, we are interested in finding 1-2 GT drivers of my level or better for next season in P1 or other leagues. PM me here or on Discord.

    Until then, stay safe guys.
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