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  1. Joey Heiden
    Joey Heiden Markus Broch
    Hallo Markus,

    bitte einmal folgendes Team aktualisieren:

    Teamname: Abgefahren Cup
    Number: 666
    Class: Cup
    Car: Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

    TeamManager: Joey Heiden

    Driver #1: Tim Neuendorf
    Driver #2: Joey Heiden
    Driver #3: Daniel Marius Jahn
    Driver #4: TBA
    Driver #5: TBA

    Es wird sich sicherlich noch was ändern, dann würde ich dir schreiben :)

    lg Joey
  2. Matthias Weber
    Matthias Weber
    but glad to see you got a slot on your own!
  3. Matthias Weber
    Matthias Weber
    Hi Balazs, big sorry! was not online until now
  4. Balazs Pokornyi
    Balazs Pokornyi Matthias Weber
    Hi Matthias!

    I would like to ask for some help if you can. :) Do you want to register another team for the 24h? If not can you maybe register my team? I have the fear, that there will be no place for us when the registration opens. We raced this 24h the last year also, but now it's to late to become a member.
    Thank you very much.
    (Sorry for my bad english.)
    Best regards,
  5. Balazs Pokornyi
    Balazs Pokornyi Adam Helyes
    Szia! Terveztek indítani még egy csapatot vagy idén eggyel mentek? Mi is mennénk idén, de még nincs meg a teljes csapat, illetve nincs tagságunk, úgyhogy nem tudunk még regisztrálni. Ez egyébként pontosan hogy van? Befizetem és akkor tudok hamarabb? Vagy szerinted lesz hely később is?
  6. Alex Meiser
    Alex Meiser
    Slow but steady
  7. Heiko Kolvenbach
    Heiko Kolvenbach
    T3 Motorsport Simracing
  8. Achim
    SimSync PRO ...syncing the sim-racing world!
  9. Alleric Enslin
    Alleric Enslin
    Founder of Volante Racing
  10. Lars Hagemann
    Lars Hagemann Luciano Santos F
    Hi Luciano, if u like to race on saturday with the next year P1 mod (GTE) u can try this league . It is nice and not so semi-professional like P1, but very close and intense races (90 min with one pitstop). on saturday we are racing at le mans.
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    2. Luciano Santos F
      Luciano Santos F
      Thanks for pointing me that out Lars. I am interested in a league like this and I love Le Mans. Just not sure I can make it this week, but I will check for future events.
      Nov 27, 2018
  11. Helio Rodrigues
    Helio Rodrigues Markus Broch
    Hi Markus, i need to update the list of drivers of the car 36.

    Teamname: Morabia Rebellion
    Number: 36
    Class: Touring
    Car: Subaru Levorg

    TeamManager: Helio Rodrigues

    Driver #1: Nuno Miguel Abreu
    Driver #2: Pedro Costa
    Driver #3: Nuno Fernandes
    Driver #4: André Prates

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    2. Markus Broch
      Markus Broch
      Driver #4: André Prates
      i change the name in Andre Prates
      Nov 19, 2018
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    3. Helio Rodrigues
      Helio Rodrigues
      Hi Markus, sorry about this, but we need to add another driver.

      Driver #5: Moisés Carvalho

      And if you need, you can change to Moises Carvalho.
      Thanks mate.
      Nov 22, 2018
    4. Markus Broch
      Nov 22, 2018
  12. Helge Foerstner
    Helge Foerstner Helio Rodrigues
    just in case you also want to drive the car that you are team manager of,
    then you should add your name as a driver too.

    Teamname: Morabia Rebellion #36 | Subaru Levorg
    TeamManager: Helio Rodrigues Driver #1: Nuno Miguel Abreu Driver #2: Pedro Costa Driver #3: XXXXXXXXXXXX
  13. Marnix Wiersma
  14. Lars Hagemann
    Lars Hagemann Andrew Stokoe
    Hi Andrew,

    you said today you ve experienced freezes on the start finish straight. Maybe you can decreas "garage detail" in the player.json quite a bit, maybe down to 0.01 ..., could help.
  15. Massimiliano Ferrari
    Massimiliano Ferrari Markus Varnholt
    Hello have a test race to P1FC at hour start...thank
  16. Markus Broch
    Markus Broch
    langsam wird es voll hier
  17. Jon Uyan
    Jon Uyan Cameron Rodger
    Hi Cameron, David OReilly said that you may join us in English broadcast group? We have 12H Sebring coming up but we are also looking for members that can contribute on a regular basis.
    Please let me know about your interest in this and availability.
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  18. Arnold Hausmann
    Arnold Hausmann Markus Broch
    in der Hall of Fame ist dir ein kleiner Fehler unterlaufen.
    Beim 6h Rennen Road America, bei den Tourings.
    Platz 3 ist ''vMADS 2'' im ''BMW 125i''

    Arnold :)
  19. Silvio Striegler
  20. Silvio Striegler
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