P1LMS - 12h of Sebring


P1LMS - 12h of Sebring
Posted By Markus Broch

Saturday, October 22, 2022 - 12:00 PM
(ends Saturday, October 22, 2022 - 12:00 AM)
Timezone: Europe/Athens

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Start: Saturday, October 22, 2022 - 12:00 PM
End: Saturday, October 22, 2022 - 12:00 AM
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Markus Broch

Markus Broch Administrator Staff Member P1 gaming e.V.

Date: 22th October 2022
Track: Sebring 12h
11:00 UTC - 45min (GTE 20min / LMP2 + LMP1 20min)
Warm-Up: 11:45 UTC- 15min
Race Start: 12:00 UTC - 12 hours
Race Finish: 24:00 UTC
Time scale: 1x
Server time at race start: 12:00
Server time at race finish: 24:00
Real-time (ClimaCell)
Cuts Rules:
  • Normal
  • The limit is 7 Penalty Points
Servername: P1LMS Eventserver

Replays: Race
Results: here

  • The content download works only from the Steam Workshop item P1LMS 2022
  • Multiple penalties will be removed from the race control if you want. But they will be checked after the race. If the penalty was justified (e.g. speeding in pits) we will remove 1 lap from your result
  • Don't press ESC or your race will be over. You can kill your game or force a disconnect by pulling out your network plug. Afterward, you can rejoin with a fresh car and still finish the race
  • For LMP1 and LMP2 don't dive-bomb the GTEs into the corners. In the end, both of you lose less time when you overtake them on the exists
  • Respect the other cars/class on track
  • At the pit exit stay right (driving direction) of the white (in the image marked red) line
  • In the orange zones be careful with overtaking. More severe penalties will be applied here to the car at fault
  • Cars in pitlanes are collidable and no ghost cars. So be careful in the pitlane
Pit Entry: The white line may be crossed. Watch out for cars that drive into the pits
Pit Lane:

Pit Exit: Don't cross the white line. Cars coming from the pit have to stay as far right when rejoining the track as possible (no need to drive on the gras). Cars on the race track have to leave enough space on the outside of turn 1 when a cars is coming from the pits

Orange Zones:

There will be no orange zone in this race.


In this orange zone, passing is allowed but with absolute care. Especially faster class cars lapping slower cars need to watch out and be extra careful.
If there is an incident in the orange zone, the car at fault will be given a harsher penalty as on other parts on the track for the same infraction.

How to file a report to race control:
  1. Note down both car numbers, lap, and what happened.
  2. Send a message with those three things to an active steward in the race control channel
  3. Done
How to file an after race report:
  1. Gather Information about the Incident. (Car numbers, laps, timestamp, what happened)
  2. Open the forum.
  3. open up the after race report form.
  4. Fill in the information.
  5. Done.
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